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Joined the Global Site Reliability Engineering team at Ubie

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Introduction #

I’ve been working at Ubie, inc since 2024/01. My previous job was backend software engineer at Japanese telecom company. I have ever been developing network controller for IaaS.

BTW: Please read this entry to find out why I resigned. (Sorry, this page is only Japanese)

Why Ubie ? #

Ubie, inc ( JP, EN ) is healthcare AI startup company. Our mission is “To develop a healthcare guide for everyone.” We provide SaaS for toC and toB.

I was doing job hunting requirement bellow.

  • I want to do (Central) SRE at a business company.
  • Whether I can take on the challenge of a business with a high level of uncertainty
  • Be in phase to scale business and systems (10→100)

In addition to these, here are some of the reasons why I want to work for Ubie

  • The employees were highly motivated
  • Ubie has a good culture and many members can work in the same direction.
    • Ubie has Culture Guide (JP, EN)
    • I think that Ubie as disliking organizational silos and short-sighted local optimization, and trying to remedy strains in the organizational structure as appropriate.
  • Working in a global team would be beneficial for my engineering career.
  • Many members of Ubie are very concerned about organizational structure. (I think that cross-functional organizations like SRE are susceptible to organizational structural influences.)
  • Stock option plans are attractive.

To be honest, I was very highly motivated to apply to Ubie at the time of the casual meeting. I talk with @kamina_zzz. He spoke about Ubie’s business model and the challenges facing the SRE team. Even as a layman in the field of medicine, I felt that Ubie was trying to do something very meaningful. At that time, I had also heard that the SRE team was going to be globalized, and I honestly wanted to take on the challenge.

Working Healthcare AI startup #

I had no domain knowledge of healthcare until I joined Ubie. I did not know what kind of pains hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies were having. However, many members come from the medical industry, which is helpful because there are many opportunities to learn within the company.

When I am in Ubie, I hear stories of how Ubie has led people to the healthcare they need. It is rewarding to work in a place where I feel my work has great meaning.

Global SRE Team #

Ubie’s SRE is very aggressive. Infrastructure architecture will also be changed significantly if it improves cost, performance, security, and development productivity. We are also working on platform engineering to reduce the cognitive load of the product develop team.

SRE members are excellent and I learn more every day. (To be honest, I had seen most of the members on the Internet and thought it would be great fun to work with these people.)

Specifically, they do the following

  • Provide service templates (ubieform)
  • Provide service catalog (ubie-hub)
  • Migration to new architecture infrastructure
  • Improve observability for specific microservice
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Continuous version upgrades (tool, middleware)

FYI: SRE team efforts to date

Naturally, being a global team, English is the official language of the team. However I’m not confident in language skills English. I thought it was a good opportunity for me, so I want to take on the challenge. I am helped by caption of Google Meet every day. I just have to do my best.

My Future #

Working for Ubie’s SRE team was a big career change for me. The industry and the phase and scale of the business are completely different from my previous job.

I went from backend engineer to SRE so I had to learn many hard skills (Google Cloud, Terraform, DBMS) as well. However it was very exciting and I enjoyed learning about it because I had always been interested in it. I’m going to be actively involved in incident response because I didn’t get much operational experience at my previous job.

Also, it is imperative that I improve my English skills this year. Since some members are native English speakers, all team meetings are conducted in English. I still struggle to listen and cannot speak English at a moment’s notice. But the company and its members are very supportive. They talking to me slowly and giving me opportunities to learn.

We are increasing our global efforts little by little. I would be pleased to present the SRE team’s efforts at the Global Conference.

Conclusion #

Working at Ubie was a challenging choice for me. If you are interested in Ubie, please contact me or any other member for a casual interview. We are hiring!!